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{ xxExquisite is a community for fans of Poppy Z. Brite's novel, Exquisite Corpse }

As the little title says, this is a community for fans of Poppy Z. Brite's novel, Exquisite Corpse. I've made this community with the intent on gathering up all the fans I've seen of this book that mingle around every once in a while, and also partially because there is no community for Exquisite Corpse at all. I know there's a sufficient number of fans that I've seen on and off of LiveJournal, and so now we shall have a community to discuss/chat/share ideas and opinions in. You know, all that weird fanstuff.

{ Rules }

1. Be nice to each other. We don't have any reason to be rude at all. Honestly.
2. Regarding the content of our beloved Exquisite Corpse, I fear I may just want to have a rule here that says: Please don't post anything that could be potentially illegal and/or get somebody arrested. I honestly don't think it would happen, but better safe than sorry, I say.
3. Don't post anything that is ENTIRELY off topic. I know that sounds somewhat vague, but I say this because there are things that could be potentially related to Exquisite Corpse or that would be related to Poppy Z. Brite or of interest to us as readers of this book that are acceptable. If something is entirely off topic, I'll just give you a friendly note telling you and that should be all.
4. Please have fun! Post and comment all that you want, just be respectful of everyone on the community and all that good stuff that makes people into decent human beings.

So far, I think that's about all I'm going to need to put here. If anything comes up, I will definitely come back and edit this here information. But for now, have fun!

Note: This community is for fans of the novel that would like a place to discuss and enjoy Exquisite Corpse without begging/asking Poppy Z. Brite to write another book of this style. We recognize that she's not writing in the horror genre anymore and we're here to discuss a novel that was wonderful in its entirety -- not to complain and expect more. ♥